My name is Thomas J. Holmes, I am a sound designer, composer and audio production specialist from the UK, currently based in Helsinki.

I have worked as a freelance composer and sound designer for over 10 years and have been lucky enough to work on a wide range of projects, from radio, film and TV, to animation and game audio. Recent projects have included a reimagined soundtrack for Władysław Starewicz’s 1928 classic ‘The Magic Clock’, and music for Kinect game ‘Beatsplosion’ on Xbox One.

I trained and worked at the BBC for many years, working as a studio manager for live radio news, music sessions, drama recordings, documentaries and outside broadcasts. I also produced stings and jingles, designed and tested studios, and worked in audio post-production specialising in mixing and mastering.

I have also worked as a lecturer in sound and audio production, both in adult education and for two years at Kampala University in Uganda.

I’m always interested in new projects and collaborations, so please get in touch at thomasjackholmes[a]